Justice Is Wide Eyed

Love how the Washington Post describes WikiLeaks, in a recent article about the whole Evo Morales issue: “Snowden has applied for asylum in Venezuela, Bolivia and 18 other countries, according to WikiLeaks, a secret spilling website that has been advising him.”

Wow. A secret spilling website? Really??! Hmm I think that’s called investigative journalism. Revealing truths hidden by political elites in order to keep justice blind is sorta the hallmark of journalism.

Speaking of which, the the article feigns objectivity while delicately framing the issue in favor of the coveted national security image of the US. While indicating that French and Portugal denied him airspace due to “suspicions that Edward Snowden was on board” the Washington Post conveniently failed to inform us of those alleged “suspicions.” Instead it proceeded to cleverly suggest but not explicitly implicate the likelihood that Snowden was actually on board based on Morales’ comments alone.

Fact: Morales said Bolivia had not received an asylum request from Edward Snowden, but hinted to the media in a couple different interviews that any request would be “looked at favorably” (Guardian). That is on the record. Other than that, I’ve read many different media reports and have found no other hard evidence which would grant legal grounds to deny airspace to the plane of the president of a sovereign nation, the equivalent of grounding Air Force One.

I don’t need to tell you, this is highly circumstantial evidence. The Washington Post is silent on this point. Which is telling. Instead they focus on speculation.

Of course the DOJ has refused to “either conform nor deny involvement” blah blah blah. I may or may not have heard that same line over and over again. Of course they were involved. Austrian authorities boarded the plain and specifically reported that Edward Snowden was not on board — that was the whole point of the search and seizure — and yet we are supposed to believe the US wasn’t involved?! This is like Obama “neither confirming nor denying the drone program.”

Our political system acts with impunity. And the media, being the biggest lobby in Washington, is simply in the business of being good PR for all their customer-politicians.  Justice is anything but blind.

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